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This proposal is appealing to the Godwin Obaseki's administration not only to make true it's promises but also to take a look at the structures, ideals outlined here, which have done wonders to most Economies where it's been applied.
Especially here in the Western World (Germany for example, where the needs of women are taken into paramount cognisance). Their votes during political campaigns are intensely sought for, with promises to alleviating their sufferings and pains. Only for the the government to come into power and denigrate from fulfilling those promises, especially to women.

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It is common place to believe that women and the girl/child belong to her husband and the kitchen, in other words having no significant role or impact to play in important sector of the economy, politics, health, education, infrastructure e.t.c. With this notion at the back of our mind, women who form an integral part of the society have not only been grossly neglected but also subjected to wanton abuse of all forms.

Empowerment means that you assist people in developing their awareness so that they have their own strengths and resources to solve their own problems. We believe that by empowering women, we can empower whole communities. Women hold the key to educating their children, the next generation who will go on to shape the future of Nigeria.

Sequel to the foregoing, the government must focus on the relationship between young people and our Society, facilitate the processes through which young women and men take on their rights and responsibilities as active citizens and engage in their communities. This could be through volunteering, working with youth organizations, leading social projects, innovation or entrepreneurship, participating in youth media, and engaging in decision-making processes in various capacities.

Let us look at Programmes that will encourage women and youth to have a deep sense of responsibility, civility, discipline, self reliance, self sacrifies, hard work and creativity in dealing with public and national issues.

-* Ways to promote our cultural heritage and encourage the utilization of the good aspects of our culture to serve as ingredient for integration and unity of our various tribal groups.

-* How to engage the Youth in activities that will encourage them to take part in profitable and vocational trainings so as to be self-productive and self- reliant.

-* Youth-led organizations and initiatives in these areas as a key strategy for multiple benefits: inclusion, dialogue, democratic engagement, the eradication of poverty, violence/conflict prevention, and reconciliation.

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