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We are indeed proud to present to you “DIASPORA SMART CITY” a quality modern estate/statellite smart city, to be designed, planned and built to meet modern smart city criteria and standards that will provide comfort and security to the inhabitants.

Diaspora Smart City

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The houses and apartments are to be designed with absolute comfort and privacy as all rooms has its own entrance and the living rooms are secured from unwanted external interferences. All the bedrooms and living rooms are to be cross ventilated.

The city is to be fully equipped with all necessary facilities based on the smart city criteria and models including use of alternative energy, solar, wind and waste to energy technologies. The city will be eco-friendly and bicycle will be the major method of movement within the city and special paths will be created to meet that need.

The city will be subdivided into districts including Industrial, Financial, Central Business, Educational, Recreational and Residential districts with initial population of 50,000 residents in the first phase.

According to United Nation, $20 billion was sent to Nigeria in 2015 and we believe that EDO indigines in diaspora share amount to $6 billion (25—30%) of that amount, hence the need to provide a vehicle to encourage more investment directly to the state economy.

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