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Together we aspire to make Edo State a version of Europe and America! People say Rome wasn't built in a day, but don't forget the building of Rome started one day. Our Organisation gathers and taps from the education, experiences and from the exposures of all Edo State Indigenes abroad to build a formidable Edo State, because we believe the diasporans are the eye-opener of modern democracy, excellent administrative routines and of infrastructural development in the State. We're recognized by the Edo State Government and also by the Oba's Palace. 
Don't forget, what you do now determines where you'll be tomorrow. Human beings make things happen. Together by God's Grace we will surely get it done. God bless!

Brief information about us...


Our vision

Aim & Objectives

To provide an establishment and an enabling forum for all Edo Indigenes in Diaspora around the world to participate fully, objectively and measurably in the process of visioning, planning and promoting democracy, social, economic, educational, training, industrial and cultural development and good governance of Edo State.

To help to make Edo State a innovative and best developed state in Nigeria

The Objectives of the Organization are:

a) to undertake all constitutional permitted activities including forming relationships, alliances and partnerships with other governmental (such as Countries in Europe, in America, in Asia and elsewhere) and with private agencies and organizations... Read more


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"Knowledge is of no             value unless you put it       into practice"Anton Chekhov