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Welcome to Edos In Diaspora Organisation

Edos in Diaspora Organisation (EDO) is a non-governmental organisation which provides a platform for all the indigenes of Edo State in the diaspora to contribute to the development of the state.  

The Objectives of the Organization are:

a) to undertake all constitutional permitted activities including forming relationships, alliances and partnerships with other governmental (such as Countries in Europe, in America, in Asia and elsewhere) and with private agencies and organizations (such as legalized community groups, voluntary organizations, statutory and non-statutory authorities, businesses, individuals and all other organizations)

b)    to promote the principles of equality, of equal opportunities and ensuring good relations between all Edo Indigenes of different racial and tribal background.

c)    establishing and maintaining close liaison with the Edo Indigenes and the European, American, Asian and also African Governments and any other representative bodies pursuing similar objectives in whole or in part to the Organization.

d)    encouraging partnership-working and networking amongst Edo Indigenes living in Europe, in America, in Asia and elsewhere.

e)    improving in particular pressing social, economic, democratic and cultural values in Edo State.

f)    promoting and enhancing good image for Edo State in the international arena in all its ramifications by whatever ethical and legitimate means that are feasible.

g)    serving as technical advisers, as partners and act as catalysts between Edo State Government Agencies, Charities, and Non-Governmental Organizations on one hand and other interested parties with respect to development of policies, organization and implementation of social and economic programmes on the other hand.

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Our Projects

Diaspora Smart City

Social Welfare For Women & Youth Development & Empowerment

Ughoton-Gele Gele Sea Port

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